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Age Of Empires Ii Hd 1080p
Age Of Empires Ii Hd 1080p

age of empires ii hd 1080p


Age Of Empires Ii Hd 1080p >>>


























































Age Of Empires Ii Hd 1080p



Lion Heart View Profile View Posts 5 Apr, 2013 2:48pm Originally posted by Dec:Originally posted by Devastator:what? at what civilization? the game is so damn pixelated, it should of had some rezolution adjustment.not a damn zoom in.thats another thing the game is darn zoomed in This is from the aoe2hd site. MauroMawo View Profile View Posts 5 Apr, 2013 12:50pm They SAID that it was the same as the 1999 AOE II, just with higher resolution texture. I have a 4K monitor. ? so the game will be so ugly/ buggy all along? .heh i knew theyre rereleasing this mainly for the tablets.but boy its looking bad.I think my old original non "hd" install on Xp looked better.somethign is wrong. This is meant for the developers.. Laptop65 View Profile View Posts 5 Apr, 2013 12:46pm They are equal to your desktop resolution. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. speedy View Profile View Posts 5 Apr, 2013 1:11pm This is so bad no graphic settings the old game had that, looks so bad on my 24 inch dell with 7850msi wtf is going on? #12 . 4 Start the game. If you have a small screen, you may still be able to get a good experience playing this much-lauded HD version of the game, but given the generally larger screens that most gamers use today, the lack of a resolution setting is a real hurdle. the main point of this release is support for HD resolutions, which it delivers. we'll wave from the victory podium! 188 comments Read more . Lion Heart View Profile View Posts 5 Apr, 2013 12:48pm No, I am using a monitor.the desktop rez is at its max.and the game looks so bad compared to even some recorded 1080p videos on youtube.not to mention a ton of toher bugs.but for now i just want to have a proper display, thats not so pixelated. Are you using a TV? #1 .


Steps Method 1 Adjusting the Resolution of Your Windows Desktop 1 Open Control Panel. meaning I can't see anything of this game. Help answer questions Learn more . with an awesome DPI. This will minimize the game and open the Apple Menu. Home About wikiHow Jobs Terms of Use RSS Site map Log In Mobile view All text shared under a Creative Commons License. Method 2 Adjusting the Resolution on a Mac[1] 1 Launch AoE2HD. Once the game is in window mode, use the mouse to simply drag the top and side edges of the game window till it is the satisfactory size. #3 . #10 . So begin by starting the game (by following this Start menu sequence: Start button >> All Programs >> Microsoft Games >> Age of Empires II HD or by double-clicking the games icon on the desktop). Newer games may come out, but it doesnt matter youll always come back to play this one.As the oldest game nominated in this category by far, we can't think of another game that fits that description better!You can go here to see all the categories, and which date to log in to vote for each!Thanks for your help.

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